AI & Privacy: Risks, Challenges and Regulation


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Luiza Jarovsky - Lawyer, PhD Researcher, Privacy Expert, Top Voice in AI and Author (80K+ followers)


Get ready for the age of AI

Understand how AI impacts privacy, the main risks & challenges, and the regulatory landscape. A 90-minute live masterclass with Luiza, privacy researcher and author of the leading newsletter on privacy & AI, The Privacy Whisperer.

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$210 USD
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Privacy, policy & compliance professionals:

Understand AI systems and how they affect privacy & data protection

Tech professionals:

Go beyond technical aspects and understand the privacy implications of AI-based technologies

Lawmakers, policymakers, and government officials:

Understand how emerging technologies might generate new risks and harms

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Topics covered

  What is AI and why it matters

  Main areas of concern from a legal perspective

  When does AI have privacy relevance

  Privacy rights and principles


  Privacy by Design

  Dark Patterns

  AI regulation

   Cases & Compliance

   Main takeaways


What you will get

  90 min masterclass on Privacy & AI

  Additional reading material

  Quiz to test your knowledge

  Certificate of conclusion

   Pre-approved IAPP credits: 1.5 CPE credits to help you maintain your privacy certification

  Bonus: 3 months free of the paid edition of The Privacy Whisperer newsletter ($21 value)

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Testimonials from previous courses:

"Luiza is highly knowledgeable and passionate about the intersection between AI & Privacy. An incredibly educational and practical course that I highly recommend as it provides you with key understandings, cases, regulation trends and additional materials to deep dive into the subject matter."

Paula Pando de Hill - USA
Director of Data Protection & Compliance

"It was my second training with Luiza, and I am convinced that she is a great lecturer. Her content is informative, detailed, and practice-oriented. The additional reading material is quite extensive and gives the opportunity to dive into the topic more. I definitely recommend it."

Alena Santarovich - Netherlands
Data Protection Officer

"I had no doubt about the quality of the information I was going to receive. The course is well constructed, with a lot of extra materials to explore and you will benefit from it with or without having a legal background."

Mélanie Gerlache - Belgium
Founder of Legally Mel

"Luiza is very knowledgeable in her field and this course was excellent (...), well organized, with clear and engaging presentations and easy to follow materials. I highly recommend it."

Nataliya Pavlova - Canada
Financial Controller

"Luiza's course was great in terms of 'time investment vs. applied knowledge in practice'. It's an excellent executive program with a lot of useful content."

William Hertz - Brazil
CEO of apis3 group

"I was able to learn a lot and gain a better picture of the road that lies ahead for companies that wish to differentiate themselves by embracing better privacy practices."

Arpit Choudhury - India
Founder of Data Beats

"The course was excellent (...) Luiza was an extremely clear instructor and made it easy for all participants to understand."

Paloma Marín-Arraiza, PhD - Spain
Research Infrastructure Expert

"Luiza’s course on dark patterns is fantastic (...) Luiza is an excellent teacher. I particularly appreciated the additional material that was provided."

Caroline Lancelot, PhD - France
Professor and Privacy Scholar

Luiza's course was an enriching experience. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance their privacy knowledge and improve their marketing practices."

William Marinelli - Brazil
Branding Strategist


Privacy & AI: Risks,
Challenges and Regulation

Live masterclass
(90 min)

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Get reimbursed by your company

Join a live session on September 28 (Thursday) or October 23 (Monday)

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Meet your instructor


Lawyer, PhD Researcher, Author, and Speaker

Luiza is a lawyer, co-founder of Implement Privacy - where she leads global training programs in privacy & AI - and the author of The Privacy Whisperer newsletter and podcast, a leading publication in the field. 80,000+ people follow her work, and hundreds of privacy & tech leaders have attended her masterclasses.

In 2023, Luiza was named by LinkedIn a Top Voice in AI; in 2021, she received a Westin Scholar Award from the IAPP, and in 2020, she was awarded by the President of Israel the “President's Scholarship for Excellence in Science and Innovation” for her Ph.D. research.

Before focusing on privacy & AI, she worked as a corporate lawyer, advising entrepreneurs. She published three fiction books and edited the book “Law for Entrepreneurs” (in Portuguese).

Originally from Brazil, Luiza graduated in Law from the University of São Paulo, completed her Master's at Tel Aviv University, and is doing her Ph.D. there as well. She speaks English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Hebrew and is a proud mother of 3.

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Live masterclass
(90 min)

Limited seats available, secure your spot


VAT included
Get reimbursed by your company

Join a live session on September 28 (Thursday) or October 23 (Monday)

Register today
Training program
at your company

Private session for your team


Per session, up to 20 participants
VAT included

Get in touch to book and customize this course for the needs of your company

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